20160208vesta-5-2Vesta Giles: Writer / Director

Vesta Giles is a screenwriter and freelance writer from Kamloops, BC, Canada. Her first Movie of the Week, Daughter for Sale (formerly titled Justice Unleashed) (Odyssey Media, Inc.), aired on the Lifetime Network in the US in 2017.

In 2018 her short film, When I’m Dead, was produced thanks to a grant from Telus STORYHIVE and an Indiegogo campaign. She was also a runner up for the Women in the Director’s Chair Short Works Award for her short film script, A Moment of Your Time. She was awarded another grant from Telus STORYHIVE – this time for a music video for the song Take Down These Walls which will air in May of 2019. Through her new production company, Vandelso Productions, Vesta is currently working on several other projects as well.

Vesta has also written a number of promotional and instructional videos for a variety of local organizations. In the 1990s she wrote a 30 minute video for Shaw Cable called They Call It Dressage about the equestrian sport of dressage.

A lifetime student, Vesta has learned the craft of Screenwriting with Larry Brody from TVWriter and also took film and writing courses through the Emily Carr College of Art and Design (now the Emily Carr University of Art and Design) and the Vancouver Playhouse.

Vesta has over 25 years of experience as a freelance writer, having written for magazines such as Canadian Living, Canadian Airlines Inflight, Vogue Knitting. She has also worked with marketing companies and advertising agencies over the years, creating advertising copy for national and regional campaigns.

Daughter for Sale (formerly titled Justice Unleashed)                       


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At just 34, newly appointed judge, Annalise O’Neil is the youngest woman ever appointed to the position of judge in the history of the state. A single mom of an intelligent, headstrong, and dangerously beautiful 16-year-old daughter, Carly, juggling the demands of a high stress job with the demands of a high stress teenager is not always a battle she wins. After an epic mother-daughter blowout, Annalise discovers that Carly has run away. It’s not the first time, but in her gut Annalise knows this time is different.

Annalise seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend, detective Derek Sutton. He dismisses her concerns, reminding her Carly has a history of running away and hasn’t been gone long enough to worry. Frustrated with the lack of support from the police, Annalise takes matters into her own hands. She turns to a new friend, wealthy and alluring businessman John Gallant, who heads a charity dedicated to helping homeless teens. Annalise discovers Carly isn’t the first beautiful teen from the city to go missing, there have been several in recent months. When she learns the police suspect there is a human trafficking operation involving beautiful teenage girls being sold into either prostitution or marriages to wealthy men overseas, her search turns desperate, and Annalise throws herself into the hunt for her daughter.

As Annalise’s search becomes more frantic she realizes that Carly is in immediate danger and the people she thought she could trust might be the ones she should be most afraid of. Risking her new career and possibly her life, Annalise takes off after Carly’s captors to rescue her daughter no matter what the cost.