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The Spyders (animated children’s TV Series)

Their dad, Harold, may be the hero of the song, the Itsy Bitsy Spider and a top international spy, but Curt, Gracey and Thaddeus are three young spiders on a mission to have fun and perhaps get into a bit of mischief.

Slither Me Timbers (pilot episode, 22 mins)

While playing pirates a bit too far from home, the kids discover a young garter snake in the garden. They are terrified of snakes, and the little snake is terrified of spiders. When they discover that the snake also loves to play pirates they realize they have something in common and become friends. After banding together to battle an evil cat, they use their web spinning skills to help their new friend reunite with his family.

2014 – Finalist in the People’s Pilot competition, 1/2 hour category

The First Misdadventure of Harold the Itsy Bitsy Spider (Children’s animated feature)

This family-friendly animated feature is what happens an underachieving spider climbs a waterspout, nearly drowns, defeats an evil scientist, and saves his family, and the rest of the spider and insect worlds from a pesticide weapon of mass destruction – with a hint of Spy Kids and The Incredibles thrown in.

A Call to Order

A forensic investigator returns to the convent where she was raised to solve two murders and reconnect with her estranged sister and the nun who raised them.

(2003) Top 10 finalist in Script Magazine’s Open Door Competition
(2003) Top 10 finalist in’s People’s Picture Show competition
(2003) 2nd Place in Writesafe Presentathon


Creative Non-Fiction

The Spraypaint Lady Smiles


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