Works in Progress


September 2018

When I’m Dead has finally launched! Watch it here on Telus STORYHIVE’s youtube channel


March 14, 2018

Working with the 2 Nolans (Alpha-Omega Productions and the Medium Projects) – we have so many projects on the go it’s hard to keep track! We thought this would be a good time for an update.

About Josh and The New Guy

2 short films about men’s mental health.

We shot these 2 films around Christmas and the editing will be done in the next few weeks. They look amazing!

About Josh is a short film dealing with young adults, suicide, and some of the negative affects of social media.

The New Guy looks at stress in the workplace.

I wrote and directed both of these from ideas by Nolan McAllister and Nolan Chapman. Nolan McAllister and his trusty Red camera did the cinematography and Nolan Chapman brought it together as assistant director (and so many other credits!).


From About Josh – Keiran was amazing playing Cody. But it’s so hard to get him to stop smiling – happy problem.


From About Josh – Nolan M (shooting from the bed) found these amazing lights. I want to use them everywhere.


From The New Guy – Steve Wang was so much fun. He took his role as a new worker becoming progressively more stressed and overwhelmed at his new job very seriously.


From The New Guy – Steve busts out while Nolan C gets a workout.


Editing About Josh – cameras everywhere.


When you need a sound studio but are tight for time you make a blanket fort and it’s shocking how well it works – here we are doing Foley for About Josh


The camera loves to get it’s picture taken. This was from The New Guy

20180114_122837 (2)

Red the Poser


A new configuration for the blanket fort – recording Voice Overs


This is Omni, our new 360 Rig. We think Red might be jealous but no worries – they will both be seeing lots of action in the near future.

Adventures in 360 – Tales of a Groomer

We are working on a really fun short doc on the Snow Cat groomer and all the volunteers who run and maintain it for the Overlander Ski Club. The club maintenance guys rigged a mount for the camera. How many groomers have a camera mount? This should be ready in the next couple of weeks as well. The raw footage looks fantastic!


The guys who maintain the groomer managed to create a mount for the camera – how many groomers have a camera mount?


Chris from the ski club – star of the show.


We had a picture perfect morning for shooting – there was hoar frost around the lake and the skies were bright blue.

Storyhive Pitch for When I’m Dead

When I’m Dead is a short film we are so passionate about. We are hoping to get Storyhive funding but our talented crew is ready to shoot it regardless. It is just that important.


Nolan M and Amanda Cowell helping with the pitch video for When I’m Dead

These are just a few of the projects we’re working on. Spreadsheets are our friend!

We expect to have some of these finished by the end of March!